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The Man In The White Suit now available from…


Ben’s Autobiography ‘The Man In The White Suit’ is available at Amazon UK, Waterstones, Blackwell’s and Amazon USA



Great to see the book now in Polish. Here is a link to the launch article in Cars magazine.


    Jack says:


    I’ve just finished reading your book in Polish translation and I’m amazed by your fascinating stories. I’m waiting for next one :)

    Best wishes from Poland
    Ride fast :)

    Ania says:

    I’ve been reading this article and I think is very interesting. Photos are amazing, first and the last one are my favorites.
    I prefere when you are speaking becouse you have a lot to say and write – the book is fantastic, even if it’s about men’s world it’s enjoyable to read for women.
    You seem to be a very nice person, I wish you all the best.

    Oh, and I think that you should get an award for patience, journalists ask you most of this same questions and you look calm and relaxed – I couldn’t do that :-)
    Greetings from Poland.

    Kirstie Martin says:

    Brilliant read Ben and thanks so much for signing my copy when you visited QT last week.

    jimmi mckie says:

    Dear mr collins after reading your book over the last couple of days. I had to comment as I’ve been watching top gear since the pre-stiggy years.
    You could say to coin one of jezza’s phrases I’m an ardent “petrolhead”.
    I understand you are a racing driver first an foremost which is blatantly apparent when reading your biog. The way you talk about the driving is top class and its obvious you know what your talking about because I felt I had a better knoledge of track driving from just reading.
    The one thing I just can’t understand Ben is why would you give the top gear job up? I would give my right nut just to smash the kia seed round dunsfold. And you got paid to do it how envious am I?
    I wish I could drive a car half as well as you. I’ve watched “stig” drive round TG track and you always looked as though you wrung its neck no matter what the car. Konnigsegg ccx without wing had to be one of my favourites and maybe gumpert but stacking the ccx into the tyres goes to show how much you was giving it to it. Fair play mate.
    I understand from reading it was more a blessing than a curse you being found out to be “stig” as it meant you was no longer annonomos. But I still would never have given the job up. But there again I don’t get to drive le mans, F1 cars, etc
    I wish you well in the future in all that you do.and will keep my eyes an ears open for your name in races just so I can watch you man handle a motor in ways I only wish I could do. The only thing I wish is that you went back to top gear as you made watching the show more intresting since you was outted the format seems to of changed and not really for the better. Sorry this mail is so long winded but I’ve waited years just to congratulate you on being a truely gifted driver. Thanks for your time
    Jimmi mckie

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